Drop OFF/Pick UP

Pick Up & Delivery services are provided Tuesday and Thursday each week. Clothing is collected from the drop bins at 10:00AM. Central drop off bins are located just outside of each mail room on Grounds. Cleaned clothing is delivered back to the student’s assigned mail room & available during normal operating hours. The student will receive an email from Mail Services when clothing is ready for pick up.

(Clothing is collected from bins at 10:00AM)

Drop off/Pick Up Locations

SHANNON Laundry chute located directly outside of mail room in hallway

RUNK Laundry chute located directly outside of mail room pickup window

PAGE Laundry basket located in mailroom directly outside of pickup window

BROWN COLLEGE/LAWN/RANGE Laundry chute located in laundry room in basement of Gildersleeve. Pickup laundry at mailroom window in Newcomb

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